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Math Tutor Singapore - World's earliest decimal calculator

The World’s Earliest Decimal Calculation Tool

Are decimals a newly discovered math concept, and can only be calculated using the modern calculator? Math had been on the minds of Chinese since a long time ago. More than 2,300 years ago, the Chinese had already developed what has been officially recognised by the Guinness World of Book Records as the world’s earliest decimal calculation tool – a set of bamboo slips. “The significance is that it’s decimal, not duo-decimal as seen in other countries. Decimal did not appear [...]

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Dads, Do Not Outsource Your Parenting Duties

Recently, CEO of Dads for Life and the Centre for Fathering Bryan Tan wrote about his struggles of being a working parent, having to cope working, being a good husband, being involved in his children’s lives, and having time for himself. Having rejected by his eldest child who wanted to go for his enrichment class instead of spending time with him made Bryan realise that he needs to resist “outsourcing” his parenting duties – and be involved. Below are 3 tips [...]