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Let Your Children Decide For Themselves

Are you letting your children lead their own lives? Very often, we observe that parents would want their children to enjoy what they didn’t when they were young. This includes lavish birthday parties, interactive toys, learning certain instruments and sports, and the list goes on. Dr Lim Suet Wun, CEO of National Healthcare Group, advises parents to let children lead their own lives, and not live out your dreams through your children. Should parents encourage their kids to “follow their passion”? Blind [...]

preschool math, primary school maths, secondary school maths

7 Behaviours Children Will Learn From Parents

The apple does not fall far from the tree. Every day, your children watch how you behave – from the words you say, to the decisions you make, to each step you take, to each reaction you have. It is a huge responsibility that parents have as children learn life cues every single moment. It is a fact that children are bound to copy our behaviour, be it positive or negative. Here are 7 behaviours identified by a parent blogger [...]

preschool math, primary school maths, secondary school maths

Scientists about to redefine the kilogram

What is a kilogram, exactly? Every object we know has mass, and we usually measure its mass by putting it on a weighing scale to find how many kilograms it weighs. Have you ever wondered how heavy is a kilogram? A kilogram weighs 1000 grams, and a gram is originally defined as exactly as much as “a volume of water equal to the cube of the hundredth part of the metre, at the temperature of melting ice”. In 1889, the mass of [...]

Industrial Designer as a Math Career

5 Brilliant Careers in Math

What can I do with a Math degree? For many students, it is tough to observe the relationship between learning math and having a career in it. “Math is only useful for counting money!” many would exclaim. Well, one fine example is our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who graduated with first-class honours on Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and a Diploma in Computer Science with distinction! So maybe studying math can make you our next PM! Or if that seems too far-fetched, [...]

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The World’s Earliest Decimal Calculation Tool

Are decimals a newly discovered math concept, and can only be calculated using the modern calculator? Math had been on the minds of Chinese since a long time ago. More than 2,300 years ago, the Chinese had already developed what has been officially recognised by the Guinness World of Book Records as the world’s earliest decimal calculation tool – a set of bamboo slips. “The significance is that it’s decimal, not duo-decimal as seen in other countries. Decimal did not appear [...]

preschool math, primary school maths, secondary school maths

Dads, Do Not Outsource Your Parenting Duties

Recently, CEO of Dads for Life and the Centre for Fathering Bryan Tan wrote about his struggles of being a working parent, having to cope working, being a good husband, being involved in his children’s lives, and having time for himself. Having rejected by his eldest child who wanted to go for his enrichment class instead of spending time with him made Bryan realise that he needs to resist “outsourcing” his parenting duties – and be involved. Below are 3 tips [...]

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Formal maths at 3 years old?

New study shows more rigour in preschooler maths has benefits In recent years, there have been more advocates in the United States pushing to expand publicly funded preschool programmes. As a result, more children are exposed to formal mathematics and reading lessons at a younger age. Some education experts and parents become worried, believing that preschoolers should be playing with blocks, and not sitting still while a teacher explains the concepts of shapes. “Many children are not ready to do that [...]

preschool math, primary school maths, secondary school maths

Getting Ready for School Again

Getting Ready for School Again The June holidays are coming to an end! How can you, as parents, encourage and enable your children to gear up for the next semester? Here are some suggestions to ease the children back to the school groove. 1. Make sure revision is completed Ensuring that holiday homework is completed before school reopens is a good start to the new term. Holiday homework is usually issued to help children review and reinforce their understanding in topics covered [...]

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Fun Math Activities To Do This June Holiday

Fun Math Activities To Do This June Holiday School’s out and holidays are here! Your child may be looking forward to having no homework, going on a famiy trip, or simply playing with friends. While your child may be having fun, what he or she has learnt about math in the first half of the year may be slowly fading away. It is important to help your child strike a balance between work and play, and this can be achieved by [...]

preschool math, primary school maths, secondary school maths

Learning Multiplication Tables

Multiplication tables, or times tables – the bane of lower primary math. Is there any way to help our children remember these better? Learning the times tables is key to mastering primary school math, as memorisation of the tables support mathematical learning and understanding of multiplication and division. These concepts form the foundation to our mental arithmetic, as well as estimation skills. Research has shown that children become more confident and open to learning new concepts once they have mastered the times tables. Times [...]