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preschool math, primary school maths, secondary school maths

Learning Multiplication Tables

Multiplication tables, or times tables – the bane of lower primary math. Is there any way to help our children remember these better? Learning the times tables is key to mastering primary school math, as memorisation of the tables support mathematical learning and understanding of multiplication and division. These concepts form the foundation to our mental arithmetic, as well as estimation skills. Research has shown that children become more confident and open to learning new concepts once they have mastered the times tables. Times [...]

preschool math, primary school maths, secondary school maths

3 Effective Math Revision Tips For Exams

The mid-year math exams are around the corner, and every student is gearing up to do their best. Here are 3 tips on how to revise for math exams effectively! 1) Practise sufficiently with relevance Allocate bite-size practice which is based on topics, concepts or types of questions. If your child is weak in a certain topic like algebra, make sure he or she works more on that particular topic. If your child is not familiar with concepts such as constant difference or proving [...]