5 Brilliant Careers in Math

Industrial Designer as a Math Career

5 Brilliant Careers in Math

What can I do with a Math degree?

For many students, it is tough to observe the relationship between learning math and having a career in it. “Math is only useful for counting money!” many would exclaim. Well, one fine example is our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who graduated with first-class honours on Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and a Diploma in Computer Science with distinction! So maybe studying math can make you our next PM!

Or if that seems too far-fetched, you may consider this list of 5 brilliant math careers!

1. An astronaut

Astronaut as a Math Career

Are you enchanted by the million of stars, planets and moons in the sky? Being an astronaut helps you reach for the moon! Astronauts use math in various specific ways, from how to make the spacecraft fly, to the angle required for re-entry back to Earth.

2. Air traffic controller

Air traffic controllers are responsible for co-ordinating how aircraft fly around the world – from airport congestion to crossing vast continents.

When landing or taking off they need to direct air traffic to make sure that the planes stay a safe distance apart; while also planning the most efficient routes.

Math is used to understand speed, distance, velocity and altitude. There is a lot of statistical data and air traffic controllers need to be able to deal with large amounts of information.

3. Mechanical engineer

Mechanical Engineer as a Math Career

Mechanical engineers work in many different types of industries. They are involved in research, manufacturing, testing and development of products.

Math is important in the engineering field, as there are lots of equations involved in the calculations. Maths is used to solve problems and develop analytical skills, and the use of computers require data manipulation, simulation and analysis.

4. Industrial designer

Industrial Designer as a Math Career

Industrial designers are responsible for making sure that the details are worked out before a product is manufactured. They work behind the scenes to design the features, appearance, materials and ergonomics of many products that we use today.

Industrial designers make use of art, science and technology to come up with practical designs. Geometry, modelling and data analysis in math are critical for this career.

5. Film animator

Ever wondered how the characters in animated films come to life? Film animators make use of math and art to create amazing animations for the movies we all enjoy.

An animator needs a good knowledge of geometry in order to understand how objects move and change. To produce the illusion of movement in a film or video game, 100 ‘frames’ need to be produced each week for rapid display of motion. If patience is what you have, being a film animator is what you can be!


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