7 Behaviours Children Will Learn From Parents

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7 Behaviours Children Will Learn From Parents

The apple does not fall far from the tree.

Every day, your children watch how you behave – from the words you say, to the decisions you make, to each step you take, to each reaction you have. It is a huge responsibility that parents have as children learn life cues every single moment. It is a fact that children are bound to copy our behaviour, be it positive or negative. Here are 7 behaviours identified by a parent blogger Mike Berry that children are bound to learn from parents.

1. How husbands treat their wives.

How husbands treat their wives is a direct reflection of how children will treat their mothers. If you are kind, supportive, caring, and treat your wife or the mother of your children with respect and dignity, your children will treat their mother with respect and dignity. Being degrading, frustrated or rude to her would mean that they will treat her the same way.

2. How you manage your finances

Having uncleared debt or spending money frivolously will leave your children the impression that it is all right to manage their finances in this manner. The same lack of responsibility will be followed, and they are most likely to live in debt. Exercising wisdom, sticking to a budget, saving and planning are good habits that you can inculcate so that your children can emulate as well.

3. How you treat other people

Your children will follow how you use people for your own gains, belittle or mistreat the people you come into contact with. Treating other people badly will result in them to devalue people in the same manner. Treating people, especially those in the service sector, in a kind and respectful manner teaches them to be kind and respectful as well.

4. How much respect you give to authority

Being rude to law enforcement officers, or constantly ranting about your boss will result in your children growing up not having respect for the authority figures in their lives, which includes you as parents. Talking about authority with kindness and respect shapes their view in a positive manner.

5. The depth of character and integrity you display

They know if you cheat, lie, and say one thing but do another. They listen to how you talk about people, how you talk about the crisis you face or the unfair accusations you receive. The level of character or integrity you display is how they will choose to live by in the future.

6. The measure of discipline you live your life by

Leading a disciplined life will teach your children that they can make better and healthier choices with theirs. Overeating, overspending, not paying your bills, or making excuses for poor choices are ways to tell them that it is ok to do that.

7. How generous you are

If giving to charity or supporting a cause is not a priority, it won’t be a priority of your children as well. If you sign up for a good cause but do not persist in giving in your best, your children will witness that and do the same. If they witness a person who lives with a giving heart, reaching out to those with the least, they will emulate that behaviour and become people who give from a full heart.

What they see is what they will do. Be the person you want your child to be!

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